Purity Organic Coffee - Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee (12 oz)

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Purity Coffee
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Fresh-roasted, organic Swiss Water® decaffeinated, specialty grade, antioxidant-rich whole bean coffee delivered straight to your door.

Purity Coffee chooses organic Swiss Water® decaffeinated coffee. Swiss Water® Process decaffeinated coffee is a great chemical-free way to still enjoy quality, great tasting coffee. The water process relies entirely on two concepts, solubility and osmosis, to decaffeinate coffee beans.

Caffeine is water soluble, but many other compounds are as well, some of which might contribute to coffee flavor which we would rather preserve in our coffee. Therefore, a special process uses green coffee extract to soak coffee beans in hot water in order to extract only the caffeine. Since there is no caffeine in the water and coffee extract solution, this draws only the caffeine out of the coffee. The water solution is then filtered to remove the caffeine, and the coffee can soak again until it is fully decaffeinated. We love how this method does not use any chemical solvents and prioritizes coffee quality.

On top of that, the Swiss Water® Company’s decaffeination facility is certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA).

Each 12oz. bag will produce approximately 25-35 8oz. cups of brewed coffee.

Organic Arabica Coffee
Each 12oz. bag will produce about 25-35 8oz. cups